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Quick Ways to Make Money

Guest post

November 28, 2015

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Quick Ways to Make Money

Get rich quick schemes are usually a waste of time. They come with lots of hype and not much substance, but there are some easy quick ways to make money on the internet that are not based on cheating. Check these out.


There are forums on the web which allow people to trade services for money. For example, if someone has received an offer to get a free flat screen TV. The only thing he has to do is get 15 people to sign up and try a product. He may pay you $25 to be one of his people. At that rate, he will get his TV for $375 instead of $800 or $900. You get $25 for signing up for a trail – many of which are free. You can look up Free Lunch Room on the web.

Write Articles

This is pretty straightforward. Someone needs to write a lot of articles to advertise or tell people about their product. You offer to write those articles for $5 each. You make $25 for writing five articles. They make even more money on any sales that you have helped to produce.

Sell Advertising

If you have your own web site or blog you can allow Google to place ads on your site. You will get a commission on every sale that comes from those ads. You can also recommend books from Amazon on your site, and you will get a commission on each of those that sells. The key, of course, is having significant traffic on your site.

Affiliate Marketing

You can go to ClickBank and find a product that you know one of your friends would really be interested in. You can sign up as a salesperson for that product (for free), and send your friend a link that ClickBank will give you. When that person buys, you will get a large commission off the sale.

This can easily develop into an entire business. If you get training in advertising and on-line sales you can continue to sell products like that to millions of people on the internet. Then affiliate marketing can not only be one of these easy quick ways to make money, it can be a career.\


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